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Understanding the ELCO Systems

PUBLISHED: 13.05.2020
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Which ELCO recessed system is right for me?


ELCO lighting has vastly expanded its recessed lighting systems over the last few years. There are plenty of good options for which product to use in which application. Here is a breakdown by system:

The Oak™ System: A low voltage, 1” miniature downlight with a lot of light. Over 500 lumens delivered is more than a traditional 50W halogen MR16 downlight. This product line is used as a general downlight in many high-end homes and hospitality applications. It is very shallow, requires no housing for IC rating and can be wired with low voltage wiring. Available for most dimming and voltage types. Offered in a variety of beam angles (28° 38°, 50°), trim styles and color finishes.    

The Teak™ System: Often referred to as the Oak™ Systems big brother, The Teak™ System is a 2” downlight but boasts double the lumen output of the Oak™, from 900 lm – 1100 lm. This system is offered in 120/277V inputs with most dimming options. A simple installation with no housing required for an IC rating and patented installation clips. Offered in a variety of beam angles(28° 38°, 60°), trim styles and color finishes.    

The Alder™ System: Our basic 2” product line. A deep set trim offered in in 120/277V inputs with most dimming options. A clean looking downlight offered in a variety of trim styles in a classic white finish with a 36° beam angle.

The Koto™ System: The most modular downlight available. The same module can be used in 3”, 4” and 6” housings and trims. The Koto™ module offers lenses ranging from 15° to 60° as well as secondary optics like louvers a frosted lenses. The module is offered as a 120V input with standard dimming as well as 120/277V with all dimming options. The trims come in a variety of styles and colors.

The Laurel™ System: This architectural grade commercial downlight is great for office spaces, churches, theaters and other commercial applications. Perfect when you need a performing commercial downlight. Standard as 120/277V with 0-10V and ELV dimming with light outputs up to 6,000 lumens.

The Cedar™ System: This High-end Residential product was designed as a hospitality and residential version of The Laurel™ System. They operate on the same drivers and light engines but The Cedar™ System offers IC Airtight rated housings with a wide offering of residential style trims.   

The Ply™ System: This system is our simple and go-to 0-10V dimmable 120/277V product. A simple to install and easy to maintain product line. The Ply™ Systems ranges up to 1500 lumens with 0-10V dimming at a reasonable price point.  

The Elm™ System: This system is a simple to install flat panel with a quality driver, clean lumen output and sturdy clips so the product holds in place. Offered for 2” to 8” with regular dimming 120V input or 3 in 1 Triac/ELV/0-10V dimming with 120/277V input.