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Lighting Categories

PUBLISHED: 06.09.2017
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Residential Recessed Lighting is made up of three main components: the housing, light source and the trim. Neatly tucked into holes in the ceiling, these fixtures provide warm ambient or accent light for all rooms of the house, no matter their size or floor plan. Options range from low voltage, line voltage to LED integrated and LED inserts. 



Commercial Recessed Lighting is made up of a frame and a light engine with a trim. Our commercial line of recessed lighting focuses on durability as well as style. Its heavy-duty materials and optical performance must meet the prolonged demands of construction, great and small. 


Flush Mount is the perfect solution for tight spaces with limited headroom. Since they rest close to the ceiling, flush mounts provide adequate ambient light without intruding on the openness of the room. The can quickly be installed into exisiting or new junction boxes to add light to any space. Options range from decorative to plain in a variety of sizes, finishes and lumen outputs. 


Track Lighting is a system of light heads positioned on a track that is then attached to ceilings or walls. It is used to accent specific items in a room, or to direct light toward specific task areas. A simple, clean-lined statement that works well in both home and office.


Undercabniet Lighting These slim lines of light--available in strips, tapes, or ropes--are designed to enhance your kitchen's ambiance. Usually hidden from view, they provide excellent task lighting for food preparation on countertops as well as ambient lighting on backsplashes and cabinets. They are also perfect for closets, bookcases, display cases, and countless other nooks and crannies that need a bit of light.


Outdoor Lighting enhances the beauty of any landscape and ensures safe passage on steps, walkways, and paths. Built to withstand all types of weather, the low maintenance, energy-efficient LEDs are increasingly lighting up the night's sky.

Pendant lights hangs from the ceiling by a cord or chain. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, these modern fixtures provide stylish ambient light or colorful direct light. A popular addition to any room.


Brick and Step Lights are used to illuminate stairs, both interior and exterior. These minamilist products are built directly into the steps or installed nearby, they create a safe and eye-pleasing environment for climbers of all ages. Functional and fashionable.


Exit and Emergency fixtures are required in all public places. They must be permanently lit, and large enough to read by those with normal vision. A reliable emergency light, with backup battery, is a welcomed sight in times of danger.