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ELCO Lighting Celebrates Success of New Commercial Line

PUBLISHED: 05.04.2017
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Vernon, CA. – Today, ELCO Lighting, a premiere luminaire manufacturer, announced that their new line of commercial LED downlights has exceeded expectations. After 3 years in development, the line was introduced to distributors on mid-2016, and sales have been thriving ever since.

“When we were designing the product line," said Brandon Cohen, at ELCO Lighting, “I pushed our team to make sure we had great light quality, top-of-the-line components, a super low glare cutoff, and a beautiful design—all at an affordable price. I am happy that they met these demands."

As brick-and-mortar businesses face more and more online competition, owners are looking for unique ways to bring attention to their stores. Lighting has been proven to have a huge effect on shoppers, even helping to determine which stores they enter and how much money they will spend. When ELCO brought its expertise into the commercial field, combining energy-efficient LEDs with durable housing materials, the response was electrifying.

“These quality LED downlights with unlimited options has made ELCO my go-to brand for my commercial projects." – EH Lighting Designs

Designed and assembled in the US, the full line offers a variety of commercial-grade features that easily meets the needs of retail, hospitality, industrial, and medical buildings. Driven by feedback from engineers, contractors, and lighting designers, ELCO is committed to continue its development of state-of-the-art LED products.

About the company: ELCO Lighting was founded in 1990, in the heart of Los Angeles, with a simple vision to offer high-quality light fixtures at fair market price. The company offers an expanding LED product line that contains recessed, track, under-cabinet, pendant, outdoor, pathway, and emergency lights.

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